Salade de Pissenlits (dandelions)

So again, you have to go pick your own, probably in the country unless your garden is herbicide free. Only pick very small young plants, the kind with smooth shiny dark green leaves, and only in early spring. Use an Opinel knife to cut them off with just a bit of root attached so that they stay together until you eat them.

Wash them thoroughly in ice-cold water, then dry them.

Dressing is a modified vinaigrette, to the wine vinegar you add two  hard-boiled eggs- cut up in small pieces, the yolks will dissolve in the dressing-, lots of garlic and Canola or peanut oil, not olive oil and dijon mustard. You may add on lardons, and garlic croutons.

Hints: The boiled eggs take the bitterness away.

The vinaigrette should have a lot of vinegar as the dandelion leaf is not delicate.

Spell check: in French dandelion is spelled dent de lion, and it means “lion tooth”.


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