Tarte aux Pommes

This recipe comes from my Aunt Janine Lombard and has been the family’s official version of Apple tart. It is a country tart, not the kind that you would buy at the “Patisserie”.
I will explain…

Made for my sister' s birthday!

Soon, I will translate all this with cup and Fahrenheit measurements and more details.
This recipe is used by all of us of the  French side of the family to make fruit tarts and was mine too until recently after I got married, maybe 1988.
The story goes like this: I made a Tarte aux pommes one day for some friends over for dinner at home, and Dunnery commented that this was dry, boring and NOT the real apple pie, and NOT as good as his Mother’s! I was not going to argue with that or compete with Mom, so stopped making pastry for good;  A good 10 years later, Dunnery had to learn to make Apple pie from his Mother and now bakes  a really good one- even won a prize for it. It is his signature dish and  I will get the recipe for it when I am back home for the blog. I ask Dunnery to make it  for pies, quiches etc…whenever I feel like having the kitchen  floor sprinkled with flour!

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