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Daube de Provence

My maternal grand-mother, Mamie Odette, was born in Molière-sur-Cèze north of Alès in the Gard  in the heart of Provence, in 1900. Her father was the guard at the railway crossing and she married a tax collector who was a fine gourmet. … Continue reading

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Fresh Snap Peas

Snap peas are eaten whole, unlike greens peas that need to be shelled. They are also different from snow peas (pois gourmands) which are flat. They should be really fresh, as peas do not save more than a couple days. … Continue reading

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Canard aux olives

This is a roasted duck with green olives. I bought a fresh grade A Canada duck weighing two kg and that was just enough for three. Duck meat is very tasty, rich in nutrients and quite different from chicken. It … Continue reading

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Leek salad

Leek salad is a staple of French home cooking coming back to the menu about twice a month. Even children don’t seem to mind eating that vegetable, maybe because of the nice vinaigrette dressing. Choosing the leeks is the most … Continue reading

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Apple Sausage Bake

This recipe was passed onto me verbally by my mother-in-law just after I got married, it was one of those Campbell soup recipes that encouraged the use of Campbell cans with every dinner, disguised as your own cooking. So I … Continue reading

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Claziena Mooy’s Ginger Cookies

Claziena, born in Heemskerk, Netherlands, emigrated to Nova Scotia with her husband  Cornelus and nine children in April 1939 and they bought a  dairy farm in the Annapolis valley. She was an accomplished baker, but her daughter Dora is even … Continue reading

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Strawberry delight

The local strawberries are ready for picking almost everywhere in Canada. There are so many good things to make with them, but if you want to really enjoy the amazing strawberry flavour, here is what my grand-mother used to do … Continue reading

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Pacific Fanny Bay Oysters in blue cheese sauce

Fanny Bay oysters are farmed on the  East coast of Vancouver Island. They are a fairly large and very tasty oyster that is best eaten cooked. You will need an average of four oysters per person as a main course, … Continue reading

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Tomato Pie

The tomatoes are starting to have taste and it is going to get even better with the sun coming out for summer. This pie is a very good recipe for very ripe or even over-ripe tomatoes. First, drop 5 tomatoes … Continue reading

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Petits pois à la française

French for… green peas a la French!  Green peas are a staple of British cuisine. Curiously enough, the French thought they should have their own way of cooking peas and serve them neither steamed nor mushed. This is what they … Continue reading

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Beurre Blanc sauce on Spring Salmon Steak

Tonight was Father’s Day dinner and we had wild Pacific Spring salmon, also called Chinook or King salmon. It was served with a sauce au beurre blanc, fresh peas, and Ravioles de Romans. Ravioles are a small herb ravioli from … Continue reading

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Cole slaw

Nice name for a cabbage salad…. which is exactly how it is made. Cut the green cabbage into quarters, remove the white hard core, shred with a knife, a mandoline or a food processor. Make a dressing in the serving … Continue reading

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Creamy Hummus with zing!

Summer time is here and the need for healthy snacks to take sailing or to parties. My version of hummus is easy, all the ingredients are readily available, completely healthy. It is very low-fat, and check that zing! Chop three … Continue reading

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Les Frites

When my brother  finished his degree at the Lausanne Hotel school, he had to report for compulsory military service in France for one year. Like all new recruits, he had to do “les classes” or new recruit break-in for three … Continue reading

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Roasted Butternut squash

We seem to have had a cold snap with fierce winds here in Victoria and felt like a  lamb roast dinner to warm up. One of the vegetables was a roasted butternut squash. I used to make this the traditional … Continue reading

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Tarte aux poireaux

Leeks  are so tasty and so healthy that, in France, cooks almost always add one or more leeks to vegetable soup. As a filling for the tart, they have an intense flavor and are a nice way to get all … Continue reading

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Chocolate tea biscuit brick

This is another recipe from my childhood. Biscuits Brun had a gigantic tea biscuit factory on the outskirts of town. The Brun family  built it in 1883 primarily to make biscuits for the military. The first war made them a … Continue reading

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Morel cream sauce on Roast Chicken

In Ontario, we used to go Morel picking in the Ganaraska Forest and come back with baskets full of the delicious spring fungi. My luck has not been good here in BC, I have not found my own spots  and … Continue reading

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Stuffed orange peppers

This is an easy thing to make, it looks amazing, the ” but” being that it takes time to make. Mostly time to cook though, not a lot of work, so a pretty good menu choice. Most people will eat … Continue reading

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Baby white turnips

They are irresistible right now, so fresh and sweet.  Vantreight Farm grows them in Sanichton, just north of Victoria on Vancouver island and I keep buying more at the” Root Cellar” produce stand. I have had them as a side … Continue reading

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Macédoine de légumes or Russian Salad

The question is : have you eaten your seven vegetables today? The answer is likely negative unless you had Macédoine de légumes for lunch. Let me explain, the name comes from Macedonia, the country formed by a bunch of smaller … Continue reading

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Onion Quiche (really tarte à l’oignon)

I got help today. When my husband makes apple pie, there is always enough pastry left for a small quiche for lunch the next day. The dish is only 8 inches in diameter and the amounts given below for the … Continue reading

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Sweet salmon dinner in 15 minutes

Running late today and a million  excuses for it. The best one is that I got a new PC and I am still setting it up, so bear with me. That does not count as a valid excuse for not … Continue reading

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Duck noodle soup

    No one is sick but I  don’t like freezing much, so after the duck, comes the soup. I still had both carcasses, the wings, and necks so I cooked them in the pressure cooker with a clove garlic … Continue reading

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Canada duck with cherry jus

The simple way to make  duck is to roast it in the oven exactly like the roast chicken from May 27th, except longer, much longer… and even then my last duck was not tender. So unless you are cooking magrets … Continue reading

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Fanny Bay Oyster shot

Last night for a small dinner party at home, I thought I should have an appetizer other than a cheese tray (kills your appetite) or cold cuts (I had made the country pâté*  for first course), so I chose something … Continue reading

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Mousse au chocolat des écoliers

There used to be no school on Thursday afternoon in France when I was a kid. Usually, we celebrated by having a dessert at lunch that was not just a fruit like the other days. Most popular were mousse au … Continue reading

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Country pâté : home-made at half the fat

Pâté is always a successful appetizer, it goes well with any wine and it can be made well in advance for a party or to bring to a potluck. In fact, it tastes better after 48 hours. The recipe below … Continue reading

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B.C.’s free lunch:Dungeness crab with garlic butter

Who says there is no free lunch? Well there is in BC if you get a tidal waters fishing licence for $21/year. With a licence, you may catch and bring home four Dungeness crabs every day for lunch or dinner … Continue reading

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Poulet à la sauce diable (qui pique!)

In a cocotte brown the chicken legs, breasts, thighs in olive oil, skin removed. Add a large chopped onion, 2 cloves garlic, one small bayleaf, fresh thyme, 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar,  1 tbsp lemon juice, … Continue reading

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