Duck noodle soup


Duck soup with Udon noodles


No one is sick but I  don’t like freezing much, so after the duck, comes the soup.

I still had both carcasses, the wings, and necks so I cooked them in the pressure cooker with a clove garlic to get some broth and many scrapes of meat.

No fat left at this point, so no need to degrease, just put the sliced meat  back in.

Next, I  added  the finely chopped  beet and turnip leaves  (but other greens are fine) and two green onions,  half a cup of cilantro,  1 tsp grated fresh ginger, a fresh clove, a star anise, a spoon of tomato paste,  a sprinkle of hot sauce, Japanese Udon noodles and  the leftover of jus from the Cherry duck* from yesterday to simmer five minutes.

Squeeze in half a lime’s juice when serving and use the other half to cut slices to decorate. Poor in a bowl over a handful of fresh bean sprouts.

I know, not much to it, I guess it is the cook’s day off!

*Blog June 6, 2010


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4 Responses to Duck noodle soup

  1. Linda F. says:

    Now I would welcome that on a cold January evening in Toronto! Looks very hearty and satisfying….love the use of udon noodles.

  2. Tes says:

    I think I come to the right place. The duck noodle looks really delicious. This is the recipe that my family’s gonna love it.

  3. Linda says:

    Isn’t fusion cooking great? You have taken a French-influenced dish and morphed it into west coast/Asian comfort food.

    • It is the great thing, French one day, Asian the next, what a good left-over cover up! Did not fool the husband though! Is this the left-over duck, he asked cleverly. But once over the deception, went on to eat with such enthusiasm, you would have never thought he had duck the day before.

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