Roasted Butternut squash

We seem to have had a cold snap with fierce winds here in Victoria and felt like a  lamb roast dinner to warm up. One of the vegetables was a roasted butternut squash.

Roasted squash on Villeroy & Boch platter Country collection

I used to make this the traditional way, high heat oven and squash wrapped in foil but last night the oven was only at 325 on the convection roast setting for the lamb while we were walking on the beach for one hour during cooking. Could not have the squash burn, so I decided to do something more suitable for the long slow cooking.

Peel the squash with a potato peeler (or not), cut in half, remove the seeds, and then,  with a paring knife, criss-cross each wedge in a grid pattern and spread a mixture of one tsp butter + one tsp maple syrup or brown sugar. Rosemary, thyme, or cinnamon can be added depending on your seasoning on the roast. Leave in the oven next to the roast one hour.

The best roasted squash I ever had was done by Doug Ingram in Peterborough, ON. Not only is he a great cook, but the squash there is the best. His recipe was fairly similar I believe, maybe he will comment on that.

My friend Linda asked if these were the foot prints of the sasquatch.


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6 Responses to Roasted Butternut squash

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  2. Sounds delicious! Here’s a different way to use butternut squash, roasted with zucchini and carrots in a couscous salad:

  3. Doug Ingram says:

    Thanks for the compliment re-Butternut squash. I felt honoured to be mentioned. My recipe (if you can call it one) is very similar. I don’t really measure the butter and brown sugar(or maple syrup). I just add what looks right acc. to the size of the squash. By the way, your markings are much wider and deeper than I’ve been doing, so I think I’ll borrow your technique. Those sasquatch prints look great.

    Occasionally I do squash on the BBQ just by cutting it into rings (skin still on), brushing lightly with oil, and throwing them on the grill. Very simple , nice presentaion , but not as sweet as the roasted method.

    On other topic, you’re doing a fabulous job on this blog. Can you share with me how you got started etc.? ….Doug

    • Hi Doug,
      Fun to read your note, I will have to try the BBQ way, never even thought of it.
      As far as starting a blog, it is not very difficult, go to, have a look at what people do. You can start your own, without posting to the public at first, so you only do it when you like what you are producing. It takes a bit of time to get used to all the “functions” but you can call anytime and I will share all I know. I am still learning. The good thing is that I have done it entirely free so far, so no costly mistakes. The best part is that kids, family and friends know what I am up to!
      Keep me posted on what you do!
      The Cooking Frog

  4. Tes says:

    I love the taste and texture of butternut squash. I love roasting them with rosemary and some salt. I love the idea of adding maple syrup. Thanks for sharing.

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