Pacific Fanny Bay Oysters in blue cheese sauce

Fanny Bay oysters are farmed on the  East coast of Vancouver Island. They are a fairly large and very tasty oyster that is best eaten cooked.

You will need an average of four oysters per person as a main course, just one or two as an appetizer . For eight oysters, I peeled, chopped and sautéed one shallot in olive oil, then added one tbsp balsamic and two tbsp white wine. When the shallot looks golden, add the drained oysters and sauté for 7 minutes to brown them lightly. Now, add 3tbsp 33% cream and  two cubes (each 1 inch in size) of French or Danish blue cheese. Melt the cheese on low, let the cream thicken 5 minutes.

Serve on very hot plates with plain rice, or in a vol au vent, which  is a  small bowl made of puff pastry.

Vol au vent



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