Apple Sausage Bake

This recipe was passed onto me verbally by my mother-in-law just after I got married, it was one of those Campbell soup recipes that encouraged the use of Campbell cans with every dinner, disguised as your own cooking. So I tried the recipe, and it was not bad but over many years, I have kept changing the ingredients to improve it. Well there is not much left of the original recipe, just the apples and the can of Campbell tomato soup. I am sure it could be done with tomatoes instead but then, it would loose its identity, I could no  longer call it the Campbell apple sausage dish, could I?

It is really a six layer bake. First layer is one large chopped onion with a drizzle of olive oil, second a bunch of chopped swiss chard, third comes five sausages skinned and cut up in small balls, fourth are two chopped yellow peppers, fifth are four apples cut in eights and last is the can of Campbell condensed tomato soup diluted with 1/4 cup of water and mix with one tsp of Sharwoods curry paste. Add Thyme, fresh ground pepper, hot sauce to taste, easy on the salt because of Campbell’s double salt in the soup! Bake in the oven for one hour on 350. Do not stir, but baste the apples with the sauce twice.

Notes:This makes enough for five, but usually I double the amounts. The peppers can be of a different color but the taste will change . The curry is essential. Hot Italian sausage is good but any kind of sausage is fine. This is a great idea for a potluck as it can be warmed up again in the oven or micro-wave and also you don’t need a knife so you can eat standing.


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3 Responses to Apple Sausage Bake

  1. I can never make enough!

  2. Vero says:

    this was tasty!!!

  3. Grandma Dora says:

    That looks so good! Will make your version soon.

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