Markus’ Wharfside, possibly the best on Vancouver Island

Anchored the sailboat behind the breakwater in Sooke basin last night after an 80 nautical miles ride from Effingham Bay in Barkley sound. Quickly inflated the dinghy and left it at the Government dock, and walked up the few steps to Markus’s Wharfside heavenly cottage. The welcome was amazing despite our weathered looks and sailing clothes and before we knew it, we sat down at a table overlooking the basin and Juan de Fuca Straight covered in white caps announcing what would turn out to be a dark and stormy night, with sounds out of Wuthering Heights, later at anchor  in a true gale.

All the dishes we ordered were a 10 and the service was also a 10, unquestionably. In fact, everything was a 10, the room, the view, the knowledgeable staff  eager to please, the linens, the produce, the herbs, the seafood, the vegetables, the presentation. A rare combination of perfection in a soothing setting, the table was by the front beds with among others, rosemary, sage and dahlias that could rival with Cougar Annie’s famous plants from the Hesquiat peninsula.

Tuscan style seafood soup

Baked goat cheese with fruit preserve, local organic greens in Balsamico vinaigrette

Pan-fried scallops with white wine, lemon, tarragon, butter sauce

Young leek risotto with prawns

Tiramisu with Amaretto cream

Belgium chocolate Mousse with berry compote

Panna Cotta with caramel sauce

Markus’ Wharfside alone is worth a trip to Sooke! Should not wait for a sail to Barkley sound!


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2 Responses to Markus’ Wharfside, possibly the best on Vancouver Island

  1. Hey : guess what… Cullen and I are heading to France next month. Spending a week in Paris then renting a car and going to the D Day beaches and south to Provence… and ideas of things we might not know to see?

    Lovin’ your blog!


    • *Hi Lindsay,* *see the blog today* * for some answers.* *Avoid at all costs: McD and EuroDisney.* *In Paris, rent the free bikes and especially on Sunday morning ride the Seine River banks, stop at Berthillon for ice-cream… eat at the buffet at Tour Eiffel. take the bateaux-mouches late at night, drool in the food stores. Eat rabbit, tongue, snails, frog legs, pigeon, andouillette, tripes,horse steak, muscat grapes, tomatoes!* *Bon Voyage!* *And put a Canadian flag sticker on your rental, all other drivers will yield to you instead of beeping their horns, haha!* * *

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