Fresh cream of pea, no cream required

This is a cold soup with a  light green colour, nothing  to compare with traditional Royal Navy style  pea soup, more like a contemporary designer pastel…The taste is also completely different because there are no split peas in it, but only fresh peas that I just got at the Root Cellar (the quick part) then shelled (where are my kids when I need a kitchen slave). The amounts below are just enough for four.

So, I shelled the peas to get about two cups full. I sauteed them on medium heat in olive oil with one sliced onion for 2 minutes stirring and not browning. Then, I added two and a half cups of chicken broth  and half the leaves of a butter lettuce and cooked until tender, about another five minutes. Puree in the food processor until really fine. Add one and a half cup of buttermilk, stir well, refrigerate three hours. Serve into soup plates, sprinkle with chives and add fresh ground pepper.

Mint: no mint unless you are British, then  if you must add eight leaves of fresh mint to the food processor, forget the chives.

Cream: not necessary unless you are addicted or you want to serve this hot, then replace the buttermilk by light cream or a mix of heavy cream and broth.

Buttermilk: Extremely healthy, high in protein, low-fat, amazing refreshing taste!

Food Processor: For good results, easy and quick. For perfect results, strain first through a Moulin à légumes and then purée again in the food processor, this will keep the skins out, give an even smoother result.


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