Cucumber soup

I was given two  small home-grown cucumbers by Carling today, the dark green coarse skin garden kind which is so tasty. Perfect for a refreshing chilled soup.

I peeled  them, cut them in quarters lengthwise, removed the seeds and put them in the food processor with two green onions, and the leaves of a sprig of mint with a bit of salt. I added half a bunch of watercress to give the soup a pale green color and two and a half cups of buttermilk. Then just had to blend,  chill two hours, pour into nice bowls, cups or glasses just  before serving.

For a smoother taste, peel the cucumbers. Also replace the buttermilk with smooth no-fat yogurt.

Dill is also nice instead of mint!

This is a low-fat soup.


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4 Responses to Cucumber soup

  1. Linda says:

    Yum! Just back from a hot bike ride. This would be just the thing for lunch.

  2. charly says:

    on top, add a thiny slice of cucumber, with whipping cream and paprika

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