Tomates farcies au saumon frais

This is good for a hot day. The tomatoes are not cooked and are served chilled, unlike tomates farcies with ground beef or bison stuffing.

Remove the top of four, ripe but still firm, tomatoes. Remove the pulp and save it. Salt the inside of the tomatoes. Poach 200 gr of salmon in a vegetable broth for about 4 minutes. Don’t overcook, it should still be very firm. Let sit in the broth another 10 minutes.

Chop 2 green onions, 10 leaves of basil and the strained pulp in the food processor, add 1 tbsp balsamic and 2 tbsp mayonaise, salt and pepper. Mix. Add the salmon and chop as coarsely as you can. Stir. Turn the tomatoes upside down to drain. Fill them with the salmon mix. Put the tops back on the tomatoes, decorate with parsley and chill two hours.

I served this with new potatoes boiled in the salmon broth. I had more than 200 gr of salmon so I had extra leftover after I filled the tomatoes. I spread that on the potatoes. This was a big dinner and we could not finish both tomatoes on the plate. Was good though and cool!

My salmon was fresh wild Spring, but any kind will do. Fresh is best, frozen is not a problem, and canned is good too especially the sockeye.


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