Soupe au pistou

This is the recipe from Bistrot le Paradou in the village of Paradou near Fontvieille in Provence. They shared the ingredients but did not give any details on the how to, so I am going to give some explanations based on local knowledge. The  thick hearty soup is served piping hot.

  • 800 gr Coco blancs beans shelled
  • 600 gr Coco rouges beans shelled
  • 400 gr green beans
  • 400 gr zuchini
  • 400 gr peeled potatoes
  • Half a head garlic
  • 1/2 bunch basil
  • 1 large tin can  crushed tomatoes

With the list above from the kitchen of Bistrot Paradou, I guess that you boil the coco beans in  about 3 liters of water for an hour. Strain and remove the loose skins. In new water,  add the beans, the diced potatoes, the diced zucchini, the green beans, and start boiling. Crush the tomatoes with the garlic and some olive oil to form a paste and add to the soup 10 minutes before all the vegetables are cooked. Sprinkle with olive oil, the basil and grated Gruyère after serving.

Notes: Fresh tomatoes can replace the can, in this case plunge them in boiling water first to remove the skins.

Many recipes include celery and or leeks and some a handful of small elbow pasta.




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6 Responses to Soupe au pistou

  1. Jl says:

    Do not cook basil, it IS even better

  2. CB and AC says:

    made garlic dressing for the salade tonight, I have an other convert!!

  3. Looks like the Coco beans might be also called Borlotti beans…
    The image and description are consistent with my picture and what was in the soupe au pistou. They are in season in the summer.
    In desperation, (most of the year) I suppose I would use canned or dry Romano beans and mix white and red.

  4. Penny says:

    The soup looks yummy! What kind of beans would you substitute here in Canada?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Très jolie soupe … Le bistrot du paradou , la valeur sûre des alpilles!!! Bises

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