10 kg of White Chanterelles

White Chanterelles picked Sunday Sept 19th 2010

Recipes including Chanterelles:

Chanterelle omelet

Chanterelle tart

Chanterelle quiche



Chanterelles in butter and parsley

What do we do with 10 kg of white chanterelles?

First, I air-dry them  spread on trays for a day especially if they were picked on a rainy day, and they were!

I dry the smallest ones on an  electric dehydrator tray then soak them in water or white wine before using them.

I freeze the biggest ones cut up in small pieces and fried  7 minutes in just a little bit of oil, in ziplock bags (the least fat and moisture, the better). Then, I add garlic, butter, parsley etc… when I prepare them.

I can keep the best ones in the fridge for about a week, cleaned , wrapped in paper and in my “mushroom saver” container, which is a gift from my friend Linda. ( a plastic container with ventilation holes).

I make a puree in the food processor after cooking the broken ones that I will use for soup or sauces.

Most of them, we seem to eat fresh right away and give away to our friends, especially the friends who send along fruits and vegetables from their garden!

I would happily trade white chanterelles for almost any good food, maybe someone has some venison in their yard!


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2 Responses to 10 kg of White Chanterelles

  1. Every year I want to go mushroom picking, but am too afraid to do it. Hearing horror stories of poisonous mushrooms is really off putting since I don’t know what I’m looking for. But, seeing you pick 10kg’s worth makes me envious.

  2. db says:

    wonderful Frog

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