Duck pâté with olives

This is a good appetizer to share and it has to be made in advance which is convenient on the day of the party. Pretty much, you should start in the morning by roasting a whole  5 pound duck in the oven at 325 for three hours with a bayleaf and a clove garlic inside. Bone it, keep the meat in a bowl, the fat in a jar in the fridge, the bones in the pressure cooker with  one liter of hot water with which you have deglazed the roasting pan for duck noodle soup.

Start  to saute 300 gr of pork sausages peeled with 300 gr chicken livers, thyme, one onion and a clove garlic with 1/4 cup duck fat. After 5 minutes, add 1/2 cup red wine and a shot of Port. Turn off.

Now get the food processor and chop the duck meat coarsely. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Chop 2 pieces of toast or 2 croissants with 1 cup of milk and 2 eggs. Add to the bowl. Chop the sausage/chicken liver mix fine with parsley, chives and 2 dozen green olives. Mix everything together in the bowl adding salt and pepper.


in Le Creuset cast-iron dish


Pour into a pâté dish, cover and cook for one hour at 340. Cool down, keep in the fridge overnight before serving.


The duck fat will turn white as it cools down




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