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Ceviche de Pescado

This is a most refreshing lunch on a hot day, I just had this in Barra de Navidad, a small town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico just North of Manzanillo. We sat right on the sand beach, and the … Continue reading

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Fresh Mayonnaise and Sauce Tartare

The first snow has arrived early in the Pacific North-West and it is an early warning to get organized for holiday cooking. You are going to need mayo, because it is a great complement to all seafood, a lot of … Continue reading

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Pink onion and apple jam or is it relish?

This is just what you need to serve with sausages or to add to lamb burgers instead of the traditional Ketchup, green relish and French’s mustard. Jane provided the apples from her magnificent old tree and with a couple pink … Continue reading

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Looking for Cinderella’s pumpkin, is it midnight yet?

I bought a pumpkin at Dan’s Farm that may be what you are looking for. It is a French pumpkin – here is some info from a website that sells the seeds: “The Pumpkin French Cinderella, ‘Cucurbita maxima’, is a … Continue reading

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Hedgehogs…not the chocolate kind

November is getting late in the season for chanterelles, but nature is kind to us on Vancouver Island as the even better  Hydnum Repandum or hedgehog mushroom is now prime in old-growth forests. We found two kinds,  the small orangey … Continue reading

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Peach and hazelnut tart

The  2010 hazelnut crop is ready. Directed by hazelnut connoisseur Richard, my friend Linda brought back a kilo of shelled hazelnuts from the Chevron gas station in Chilliwack. You are  now laughing, because I get my hazelnuts from the gas … Continue reading

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Chanterelle and onion tart, could be my best chanterelle recipe? tell me!

    Saturday November 6 was probably the last good day to pick chanterelles, as the  heavy rain wants to turn them into mushy fungi. The rain, however, did not stop Michel, Dunnery, Jules (the mushroom sniffing Jack Russel) and … Continue reading

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Brussel sprouts that you will love! and so green!

Brussel sprouts are not to everyone’s taste and that’s because, most of the time, they are not cooked properly,and are reduced to a mushy, smelly, yellow or even brown, horrible food instead of a bright green, delicious vegetable. Right now, … Continue reading

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Soupe à la courge at aux Châtaignes served in a Pumpkin for Halloween

Madeleine Montabert lives in the medieval village of Crillon-le-Brave in Provence. She is the owner and chef of “Cooking in Provence”, a sophisticated small cooking school. There, in a morning, you can learn how to prepare a genuine French home-cooked … Continue reading

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