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Delectable Victorian New Year’s Eve Menu

Pictures only!    

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Fanny Bay Oyster Fritters, a New Year’s day appetizer for Kings

This is a Lucy and the Frog… I executed Lucy Waverman’s recipe (pasted below)  from the Globe and Mail to the letter. It was easy, clear and incredibly good! My choice was the local  Fanny Bay oysters from Vancouver Island, as we … Continue reading

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Victorian New Year’s eve dinner: the Goose

Not because I live in Victoria, although… The idea came from Eat Magazine and their picture  with the caption ” Pander the Gander”.  The  brine and stuffing are almost exactly the recipe from Lucy Waverman’s column, “A Dickens of a … Continue reading

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Good old Times Butter Tarts from home-made Lard

When it comes to baking, Sharon is a perfectionist. And that is our luck because she has allowed me to share her recipes for the best butter tarts I have ever had. I say recipes, because we are not talking … Continue reading

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The green vegetarian quiche

This  is a smooth quiche and it does turn out a nice green colour. All the ingredients can be stored in advance which is nice if you are renting a place which is far from grocery stores. This is also a … Continue reading

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Tasty tender lamb stew in sauce

This stew is another one of my winter favorites, it is easy to make, the lamb meat is inexpensive and the sauce is not fat, but very tasty. For three people, I had three shoulder lamb shops and about as … Continue reading

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The ultimate chocolate truffle

This is truly the chocolate lover’s ultimate treat, a dangerous little nugget, smooth inside, covered with a soft shell and dusted in powder,  all three elements containing chocolate. You try one, it tastes so good, you have to test another … Continue reading

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Pork tenderloin in mustard cream sauce minus the cream

The mustard sauce is perfect with the tenderloin as it keeps it really moist. Tenderloin being very lean would  tend to get dry easily, so  a short cooking time and a good sauce are required. I start by chopping about … Continue reading

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Hot Chili Peppers, get your BTU’s

The traveller’s guide to Mexico makes it all clear! “The Scoville scale measures their (chili peppers) hotness in heat units (SHUs). Cayenne, the chili Tabasco sauce is made from, ranks a respectable 3rd place behind the hottest chili known to … Continue reading

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Gratinée Lyonnaise sounds much better than just onion soup

This is probably the best comfort food  on a cold day, a great way to stave off the anxiety of a looming dark and stormy night, and assurance to bring rosy cheeks and smiles to all. Most of the time, … Continue reading

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