Delectable Victorian New Year’s Eve Menu

Pictures only!

Candy Cane beets with vinaigrette

Spot Prawns from Critters Cove Marina Nootka Sound

Fanny Bay Oyster Fritters

Roasted Goose

GingerBread cookies by Caolyn P.

Ginger Bread cookies by Artist baker Carolyn P.

Chocolate truffles


Fresh dates filled with cream cheese by Laurence



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1 Response to Delectable Victorian New Year’s Eve Menu

  1. Catherine Forbes says:

    Looks amazing!
    I’m thrilled to see Critter Cove prawns in the limelight. We’re out at Nootka now and have the prawn traps set – and have been having good fishing so we’ll bring you some more. We caught an octopus in the trap today so we took his picture before setting him back. Octopus are just too cute to eat. How on earth to you stay slim with all that good food around? Happy New Year! Catherine

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