The best home-made comfort food is Lasagna!

Home-made lasagna is just enough work that you feel rewarded for serving a healthy home-made dish without  incurring too much trouble, especially with the ready to bake pasta now available at all grocery stores.  This is the point of this recipe, not too many pots, not a lot of fussing. ( 1 frying pan, 1 baking dish, 1 bowl).

First, the frying pan : Brown  half a kilo of lean ground beef with one chopped onion  or 5 green onions, and 3 tbsp olive oil, one tsp thyme, one tsp oregano for about 5 minutes.

The bowl: beat one egg with 1/2 cup cream, 1 tsp salt, pepper. Add one  400 gr. tub of Ricotta cheese, one package of frozen chopped spinach thawed but not drained, one chopped yellow pepper, 12 black olives pitted and cut in quarters, 1/4 cup chopped parsley,  2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 can of tomato paste,  1/2 cup water, one cup of grated Mozzarella, the content of the frying pan.

The baking dish: rub two tbsps olive oil on the bottom, add a layer from  the bowl (1/4 of the content), cover with the lasagna sheets, (cut and paste to fit the dish). And so on until you have four layers of pasta. Cover with one can of  crushed tomatoes (398ml) and 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese.

Bake for 45 minutes at 350 uncovered.  After 35 minutes, if necessary, adjust oven temperature and amount of liquid to obtain a moist dish with a nicely brown topping.  When achieved, stop the oven and let rest on the rack for 10 minutes. Serve with green salad and garlic bread!

Today, I used fresh spinach, one large bunch blanched and chopped, two inches cut off the stems. ( I know, one more pot to rinse!) And I had some Raclette cheese that I cut up in strips to decorate the top layer. That was very tasty. Serves 4 to 6.


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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    That looks so divinely yummy 🙂

  2. jerome says:

    oh my god !

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