BC Spot Prawns on Local Greens

The spot prawns were so tasty! They were a gift from the Forbes family, owners of Critters Cove Marina in Nootka Sound on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I think that I must particularly thank the boys, Bryce and Tucker who caught the  not so small crustaceans (huge). They were so big it was really easy. After they were completely defrosted I threw them in a boiling vegetable broth, with a tsp of vinegar, and brought it back to a boil, tuned the heat off and let them steep for five minutes in that pot. Then, I drained them, peeled them and a couple needed deveining. Just before dinner, I started a frying pan with 1/2 tsp olive oil and butter on high, the highest possible, I added the prawns and crushed garlic, tossed them around for 2 minutes, added a spoon of cider vinegar and served them on a garlicky dressing Romaine lettuce.

If you like your prawns with more zest, try a bit of Fran’s Hot sauce, or Frank’s Hot lime.


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