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Sour Cherry Jam

Sour cherries (or griottes in French) make the best jam of all fruit, and that has got to be true because no one would  bother with the small sour cherries at all  thinking of  the work of removing the stems and pitting … Continue reading

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Rare bright red lobster looks cooked but it still lives…

By Greg Burchell (from the National Post July 06, 2011) When a Quebec grocery store opened a shipment of lobsters, one of the crustaceans looked like it had already been boiled and was ready to eat — until it started … Continue reading

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Delectable Victorian New Year’s Eve Menu

Pictures only!    

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Hot Chili Peppers, get your BTU’s

The traveller’s guide to Mexico makes it all clear! “The Scoville scale measures their (chili peppers) hotness in heat units (SHUs). Cayenne, the chili Tabasco sauce is made from, ranks a respectable 3rd place behind the hottest chili known to … Continue reading

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Vinaigrette dressing

This is a tricky recipe because it changes depending on what  the vinaigrette is used with. So I will start with the basic ingredients and go from there. Quantities are more or less for one salad bowl. salt and fresh … Continue reading

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Unusual duty-free items at Keflavik airport in Iceland

I had a quick connection in Keflavik, Reykjavik’s airport in Iceland on the way home from France. It is a very spacious and pleasant airport with bright halls and many shops. The variety is incredible and the offering quite surprising! … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Apricot Jam

Mamie Odette made apricot jam every year, and this right into her seventies and even maybe eighties. This is the only jam she would make, she thought that it was the only jam worth making at home. I don’t quite … Continue reading

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Colorful dishtowels from France:Jacquard Français,Garnier-Thiebaut, Gerardmer

Made in France by Jacquard Français and Garnier-Thiebaut, old traditional manufacturers of table linens. I picked those dish towels for their amazing vibrant colors. It was an idea from my friend Jennifer and they make my kitchen look like it … Continue reading

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