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Oysters not quite Rockefeller, a nice treat for Mother’s day

Not that we are necessarily poorer up North in Canada, it is just that our local Pacific Fanny Bay oysters are usually sold shucked and not in the shell. So no way to bake them on the half shell. It … Continue reading

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Fanny Bay Oyster Fritters, a New Year’s day appetizer for Kings

This is a Lucy and the Frog… I executed Lucy Waverman’s recipe (pasted below)  from the Globe and Mail to the letter. It was easy, clear and incredibly good! My choice was the local  Fanny Bay oysters from Vancouver Island, as we … Continue reading

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Pacific Fanny Bay Oysters in blue cheese sauce

Fanny Bay oysters are farmed on the  East coast of Vancouver Island. They are a fairly large and very tasty oyster that is best eaten cooked. You will need an average of four oysters per person as a main course, … Continue reading

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