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Gratinée Lyonnaise sounds much better than just onion soup

This is probably the best comfort food  on a cold day, a great way to stave off the anxiety of a looming dark and stormy night, and assurance to bring rosy cheeks and smiles to all. Most of the time, … Continue reading

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My Grand-Mother’s creamy polenta

Louise-Marie, or la Louise as my grand-father called her, was a great cook. She was a Savoyarde, from the region across the Alps from Italy and  she was bilingual, French and Patois, the  Alpine dialect spoken on both sides of … Continue reading

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Braised endives au jambon

This is a traditional light dinner entrée in France, not always that popular with children, but a nice combination of flavors in a pretty dish which is very easy to make. Clean two endives  per person and remove the ends, … Continue reading

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Belgian Endive Salad à la Grenobloise

This is a nice change for a salad, it is easy to make in advance  and bring along as a potluck contribution. All the ingredients are gathered in a large salad bowl and the dressing is added at the last … Continue reading

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Braised Celery

Celery is under-rated as a vegetable in North America, and that is too bad. It tastes really good, it is available anywhere, anytime and it is easy to prepare. So let’s do like in Europe and actually use it as … Continue reading

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