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Antipasto Pickle Preserves, a taste of summer to last through winter!

Although I have been eating this delicious antipasto since I moved to Victoria nine years ago, I never knew how to make it. Then last month, I was given the original list of ingredients from Grandma O’Brien by her grand-daughter … Continue reading

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Too rainy to BBQ ? Bake the salmon!

The weather has been damp and grim, too cold and wet to step outside to the BBQ. Most of my friends are in Mexico or Hawaii escaping the local desolation of our rain forest climate. I had this beautiful Spring … Continue reading

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Gratinée Lyonnaise sounds much better than just onion soup

This is probably the best comfort food  on a cold day, a great way to stave off the anxiety of a looming dark and stormy night, and assurance to bring rosy cheeks and smiles to all. Most of the time, … Continue reading

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Daube de Provence

My maternal grand-mother, Mamie Odette, was born in Molière-sur-Cèze north of Alès in the Gard  in the heart of Provence, in 1900. Her father was the guard at the railway crossing and she married a tax collector who was a fine gourmet. … Continue reading

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Les Frites

When my brother  finished his degree at the Lausanne Hotel school, he had to report for compulsory military service in France for one year. Like all new recruits, he had to do “les classes” or new recruit break-in for three … Continue reading

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B.C.’s free lunch:Dungeness crab with garlic butter

Who says there is no free lunch? Well there is in BC if you get a tidal waters fishing licence for $21/year. With a licence, you may catch and bring home four Dungeness crabs every day for lunch or dinner … Continue reading

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Cauliflower au gratin (gratin de chou-fleur)

This is to me the ultimate French vegetable cliché, as it is so often on the menu of French restaurants abroad along with coq au vin and escargots. I used to serve it at Restaurant Chez Solange in London where … Continue reading

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Braised Celery

Celery is under-rated as a vegetable in North America, and that is too bad. It tastes really good, it is available anywhere, anytime and it is easy to prepare. So let’s do like in Europe and actually use it as … Continue reading

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The best thing about Ratatouille is that the whole house will smell as if you are in Nice. Therefore, make it sort of at the last minute so that when the dinner guests arrive, they will become instantly ravenous. Most … Continue reading

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Gratin Dauphinois, the original

This  is a very easy dish to serve when you  have guests as it requires no work at the last minute. It also goes well as a side to most meats. Of course, it is a kind of scalloped potatoes … Continue reading

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Beef Tongue with Capers

Buy the beef or veal tongue from a good place, it should be very fresh and from a young cow. Only keep the tongue muscle part proper, by cutting off what does not look smooth. Depending on the size of … Continue reading

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