Poulet Chasseur

The morels are not out on Vancouver Island and this is a good time of year for recipes with white mushroom. I found some baby white mushroom the other day at the grocer and that put me in the mood for Poulet Chasseur, a popular recipe when I was a kid.

In a large Le Creuset pot, brown the skinned pieces of chicken in olive oil or other type of fat. I like to use thighs, but there is no rule. Add 3 cloves garlic and a half a big chopped onion, cook another 2 minutes on high and then, add a cup of whole baby white mushroom, thyme, one bay leaf, salt and pepper, one cup of white wine, 1/2 cup of stock, 1 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1/2 cup of black pitted  olives. Stir well and add potatoes cut in half on top. Cover and simmer until the potatoes are done. Remove the potatoes and keep them hot. Add half a can of tomato paste, one tbsp tapioca or regular flour and more stock if needed. Add a quarter cup of chopped parsley. Stir well, thicken 5 minutes. Serve on hot plates with the potatoes. The sauce should be a nice reddish brown, the kind in which you can’t help but dip your bread!

Some  will add a sprinkle of tarragon and some Cognac at the same time as the white wine.


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2 Responses to Poulet Chasseur

  1. c says:

    I don’t know that I have ever had this one…
    food was so much better in the states, it just makes the mess that much more depressing now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    O M G !

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