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Crunchy Cucumber salad

This is another one of many different “crudités” that French people will prepare for a Sunday lunch, along with grated carrots, red cabbage, macédoine, etc… Field cucumbers are best. If the skin is coarse and bitter, peel the cucumber first, … Continue reading

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Pain d’épices du goûter

Literally, a spice bread usually served to  French children after school as a snack, either plain or with unsalted butter and sometimes jam as well. I used to love it when I was a kid. It was store bought and … Continue reading

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Icelandic Delicacies: Puffin, Whale, Foal and Fermented Shark

The Atlantic Puffin forms part of the national diet in Iceland, where the species does not have legal protection. Puffins are hunted by a technique called “sky fishing”, which involves catching low-flying birds with a big net. The meat is … Continue reading

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Icelandic gourmet fares

Four days in Iceland were not nearly long enough to discover all the fine foods grown , raised or fished  locally. The island is a gourmet’s paradise providing  staples of very high quality and most unusual choices for the daring … Continue reading

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Unusual duty-free items at Keflavik airport in Iceland

I had a quick connection in Keflavik, Reykjavik’s airport in Iceland on the way home from France. It is a very spacious and pleasant airport with bright halls and many shops. The variety is incredible and the offering quite surprising! … Continue reading

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Soupe au pistou

This is the recipe from Bistrot le Paradou in the village of Paradou near Fontvieille in Provence. They shared the ingredients but did not give any details on the how to, so I am going to give some explanations based … Continue reading

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Bistrot Le Paradou in Provence

This  Provençal bistrot is the the best find. I noticed it on approach to Fontvieille, a small town near the Roman town of Arles, where my dad spends his holiday in August. I thought I should make it a point … Continue reading

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Brandade de saumon

This would normally have been made with salt cod, but we have overfished, alas, and there is hardly any cod left. I feel that we should not eat anymore for now, and decided to make brandade with another plentiful fish, … Continue reading

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Tomates farcies au saumon frais

This is good for a hot day. The tomatoes are not cooked and are served chilled, unlike tomates farcies with ground beef or bison stuffing. Remove the top of four, ripe but still firm, tomatoes. Remove the pulp and save … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Apricot Jam

Mamie Odette made apricot jam every year, and this right into her seventies and even maybe eighties. This is the only jam she would make, she thought that it was the only jam worth making at home. I don’t quite … Continue reading

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Cauliflower salad

This is one of my favorite salads, the best way to eat cauliflower in my opinion. This is a French classic family recipe, nothing fancy, just the fact that the cauliflower is cooked. Start by removing all the leaves from … Continue reading

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Tomates farcies, a wonderful alternate to burgers

If there is no BBQ available,  ground beef will do very well in “tomates farcies” or stuffed tomatoes, a perfectly healthy dish for a student budget. You need two small to medium size tomatoes per person. A large one would … Continue reading

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Penny Pierce’s cold squash and zucchini soup

This recipe  and pictures were sent by Penny Pierce from Lakefield Ontario. The vegetables are from her own garden.  Here is what she did: “I used one green zucchini (this light green variety is nice and buttery) and the yellow … Continue reading

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Cucumber soup

I was given two  small home-grown cucumbers by Carling today, the dark green coarse skin garden kind which is so tasty. Perfect for a refreshing chilled soup. I peeled  them, cut them in quarters lengthwise, removed the seeds and put … Continue reading

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It is so hot in Spain in the summer that it is almost impossible to eat solid food at lunch time. The best thing to do is to have a refreshing Gaspacho before the siesta, a light tasty cold soup … Continue reading

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