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Greek Salad

Can you chop vegetables? Then you can make Greek salad in no time. No cooking, no waiting, an easy dinner for a hot summer night. So I don’t get too many things dirty, I start by making the dressing right … Continue reading

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Fresh cream of pea, no cream required

This is a cold soup with a  light green colour, nothing  to compare with traditional Royal Navy style  pea soup, more like a contemporary designer pastel…The taste is also completely different because there are no split peas in it, but … Continue reading

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Chicken in “Gros Sel”

Of course, this dish is for show, pretty amazing when you break the salt crust to deliver a moist chicken with incredible flavour. No such thing as dry chicken breast. It is not a lot of extra work but there … Continue reading

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Markus’ Wharfside, possibly the best on Vancouver Island

Anchored the sailboat behind the breakwater in Sooke basin last night after an 80 nautical miles ride from Effingham Bay in Barkley sound. Quickly inflated the dinghy and left it at the Government dock, and walked up the few steps … Continue reading

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Pommes Mousseline (aka mashed potatoes)

At a restaurant, people eat “pommes mousseline”, but at home they eat “purée” and here it is mashed potatoes. Of course, one can have great mashed if they add enough cream. But, at home, I prefer this much healthier recipe … Continue reading

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Gateau de semoule better than cream of wheat pudding!

This was another favorite of Mémé Marie-Louise always pushing for healthy desserts.  This meets her criteria with lots of iron, low fat, and a delicious taste. Frankly, you could do worse than eat this for breakfast! Soak 3/4 cup golden … Continue reading

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Cream Spinach

Another favorite at Chez Solange Restaurant in London in the seventies where I started as a waitress with a French accent. It is often served with a roasted ham with tomates provençales on the side for a colorful plate. Interesting … Continue reading

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Chilled Watercress Soup

This is very refreshing on a  hot summer lunch, like today. We have not really had many yet here in Victoria, BC. this year. Start by  rubbing a split garlic clove at the bottom of a small pot, then turn … Continue reading

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Gratin de Poireaux

This is a nice filling  dish and my vegetarian guest tonight seem to love it, I had no left-overs. Pick your leeks well, only young leeks that do not have a woody core in the centre. The centre should be … Continue reading

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Cheese Soufflé, a French family tradition

This is perhaps the ultimate cliché of French home-cooking, a staple of a typical French diet. It is always exciting as you never know if it is actually going to rise and even worse, you never know how quickly it … Continue reading

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Fresh Peas in artichoke hearts, a highlight of French cuisine

I had not eaten this in years and years. Typically, you would not eat this at home, as it takes some trouble, but it used to be a classic in restaurants in France on the Sunday menu as a side … Continue reading

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Hot Artichoke dip

This is just a quick dip. Chop together in the food processor one can of artichokes hearts, 2 sliced green onions, 5 green olives, 5 black olives, both pitted, 1/2 tsp seasoning salt, two small cubes blue cheese, 1/4 bunch … Continue reading

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Sorrel not spinach!

Gardeners, I am telling you, this is the most rewarding crop  you will ever plant in your garden. Sorrel looks  likes  a bit like lettuce, a bit like spinach, grows easily, and is the tastiest vegetable. It can be added … Continue reading

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Tarte au Citron

This is my absolute favorite dessert, ahead of chocolate mousse and tarte Tatin and even Paris-Brest. It takes a bit of time but it is well worth it. The pastry: It is a pâte sucrée. Mix 1 + 3/4 cup … Continue reading

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