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Tomato sauce

    Whenever I can find bushels or bags of tomatoes and vegetables for sale in the fall, I know it is time to make  a batch of tomato sauce. Originally I canned it, but the extra trouble is pretty … Continue reading

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Edamame (green soya bean) salad

While there are still a few tasty tomatoes at the market, you can whip up this unusual nutritious salad in no time. I did not think much of edamame until I had them at The Marina Restaurant in a vegetarian … Continue reading

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Flu remedy: Chicken noodle soup with ginger or Matsutake

    This is a pressure cooker recipe if you have one, otherwise a  Le Creuset large stock pot will be more than fine, so long as you are patient (double the times). I always  break in half and freeze … Continue reading

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Golden beets, grown down the street

Carolyn and Paul down my street grow an amazing selection of vegetables,  and they have generously brought me Romaine lettuce, green onions, heirloom tomatoes and a magnificent specimen of golden beet. Maybe it is the sea view, but most likely … Continue reading

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Pine Mushroom scalloped potatoes

October 16th was Pine mushroom day in my family. The weather was perfect Indian summer and there were more than a dozen cars parked at or near my secret mushroom picking spot on Vancouver Island. It did not bode well, … Continue reading

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Fresh California figs and Noix de Grenoble tart

This an Indian summer dessert, as it is best made from fresh very ripe figs. In this instance, I bought a tray of  fresh figs at the Root Cellar in Victoria. The crate indicates that they are  either “black mission”(Halloween … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Gnocchi for Halloween

Anita Whyte and I use to work together in Toronto some years ago promoting French tourism, gastronomy and good life in general. She has not had a chance to move to the West Coast yet, so she is now a … Continue reading

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Grenoble walnut square

I grew up in Grenoble, the walnut capital of the world. In the country side around the city, there are acres and acres of walnut trees, and one can tell easily that they are walnut trees, because their shade is … Continue reading

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Duck pâté with olives

This is a good appetizer to share and it has to be made in advance which is convenient on the day of the party. Pretty much, you should start in the morning by roasting a whole  5 pound duck in … Continue reading

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Languedoc Garlic soup

Gardeners, this is for you. The home-grown garlic is ready to be picked and for this soup, the fresher, the better. My father-twice-in law Hugh  just sent beautiful heads of garlic from his sunny Vancouver garden and I peeled 12 … Continue reading

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Poached salmon

There is really no need to own a poissonière or a turbotière to poach fish. They are great to use if you own them, but for most of us not worth the space they take on the kitchen shelf. Are … Continue reading

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My Grand-Mother’s creamy polenta

Louise-Marie, or la Louise as my grand-father called her, was a great cook. She was a Savoyarde, from the region across the Alps from Italy and  she was bilingual, French and Patois, the  Alpine dialect spoken on both sides of … Continue reading

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