Pine Mushroom scalloped potatoes

October 16th was Pine mushroom day in my family. The weather was perfect Indian summer and there were more than a dozen cars parked at or near my secret mushroom picking spot on Vancouver Island. It did not bode well, and indeed, the woods had been  picked for the elusive Pine mushroom  by pros using a military level search pattern. But, we either got lucky or our perseverance  roughing through swamps, bushy areas and cobwebs was rewarded. At the end of the day, we had  hiked many miles and gathered many prime Matsutake specimen (the pine mushroom) and also some cauliflower mushroom, lobster mushroom, white and yellow chanterelles and even a few hedgehogs.

Hedgehog, yellow and white chanterelles, lobster mushroom, pine mushroom and cauliflower mushroom

Pine Mushroom have a very strong and distinct aroma not dissimilar to that of wine that would be kept in pine wood casks. The aroma does not come out best when it is sauteed so the pine is a great addition to  soup, risotto or scalloped potatoes.


Matsutake or Pine Mushroom

For 2 people, I peeled two baking potatoes,  sliced them thin, washed and dried them. I grease a  Le Creuset gratin dish with olive oil and then layered potatoes and slices of  pine mushroom, added  1/2 cup strong chicken broth, 1/2 cup 33% cream, salt and pepper and cooked it for a full hour at 350. Wait  another 10 minutes before serving, you are going to eat the tastiest potatoes ever. (The mushroom would make lighter cream curdle).

Made by Veronica


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2 Responses to Pine Mushroom scalloped potatoes

  1. Potatoes absorbe the aroma from mushroom, as so do eggs. The longer they are together the better they get imbibed.
    Come visit anytime, I would love to take you in the woods. Chanterelles are almost done but Pine and hedgehogs are starting! And bring Ms Olive Jack Russell as a sniffer.
    You should have some bolets in old growth areas near you, and almost all of them are edible, send your pictures…

  2. Penny says:

    This recipe makes my mouth water! It reminds me of a dish that your brother served at your wedding. I think it was potatoes and truffles, and called black & white something, but I forget what! I also have no recall of just how the dish was made, just that it tasted amazing. Someday Paul and I would benefit greatly from going on a mushroom expedition with you! We fed Dunnery a bit of Paul’s mushroom soup last week made with shitake mushrooms – but they were from the farmer’s market. Oh to know what is edible!

    xo Penny

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