Peppers of all colours

The Bell peppers are really sweet right now. They are sweetest in July/August when they can fully  ripen before harvest. The local red, orange and yellow peppers are the sweetest of all and they also contain the most vitamin C, and lots of carotene and  the antioxidant lycopene. Like avocados, peppers are  a fruit although they are treated as a vegetable for culinary purpose. They are great just plain as a fruit cut up in slices but I like them best sautéed  with bacon!

Mix any colour peppers cut in squares into a frying pan with slices of bacon cut in four and slices of sweet onion. Sauté on fairly high heat about 5 minutes. Drain the fat. Enjoy!

I also added some fresh lamb kidneys cut in half and barbecued about 5 minutes to make it a full meal. A little thyme is lovely as well. And the juice of half a lemon adds a little tang. Do not cover or the peppers will become soft instead of crunchy.

Reminder: now is the time to make your apricot jam, the apricots are just about perfect.


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2 Responses to Peppers of all colours

  1. Delphia says:

    I found just what I was neeedd, and it was entertaining!

  2. Karen says:

    I the last minute addition of barbecued of lamb kidneys is interesting.

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