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Katherine Jones’ King Apple Chutney

This recipe was written down by Katherine Jones  of Victoria at my request after I served her Chutney at a dinner and all the guests wanted to know about the ingredients, not believing me that it was apple chutney. She … Continue reading

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Orange Recipes for Halloween Dinner


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Black bean salad to replenish your magnesium!

Black beans are very rich in magnesium, a very beneficial mineral and they make a delicious warm salad in about five minutes. It is a wonderful menu item on a day when you are home-bound by a snow blizzard as … Continue reading

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Fresh Mayonnaise and Sauce Tartare

The first snow has arrived early in the Pacific North-West and it is an early warning to get organized for holiday cooking. You are going to need mayo, because it is a great complement to all seafood, a lot of … Continue reading

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Pink onion and apple jam or is it relish?

This is just what you need to serve with sausages or to add to lamb burgers instead of the traditional Ketchup, green relish and French’s mustard. Jane provided the apples from her magnificent old tree and with a couple pink … Continue reading

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Looking for Cinderella’s pumpkin, is it midnight yet?

I bought a pumpkin at Dan’s Farm that may be what you are looking for. It is a French pumpkin – here is some info from a website that sells the seeds: “The Pumpkin French Cinderella, ‘Cucurbita maxima’, is a … Continue reading

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Hedgehogs…not the chocolate kind

November is getting late in the season for chanterelles, but nature is kind to us on Vancouver Island as the even better  Hydnum Repandum or hedgehog mushroom is now prime in old-growth forests. We found two kinds,  the small orangey … Continue reading

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Brussel sprouts that you will love! and so green!

Brussel sprouts are not to everyone’s taste and that’s because, most of the time, they are not cooked properly,and are reduced to a mushy, smelly, yellow or even brown, horrible food instead of a bright green, delicious vegetable. Right now, … Continue reading

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Tomato sauce

    Whenever I can find bushels or bags of tomatoes and vegetables for sale in the fall, I know it is time to make  a batch of tomato sauce. Originally I canned it, but the extra trouble is pretty … Continue reading

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Pine Mushroom scalloped potatoes

October 16th was Pine mushroom day in my family. The weather was perfect Indian summer and there were more than a dozen cars parked at or near my secret mushroom picking spot on Vancouver Island. It did not bode well, … Continue reading

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My Grand-Mother’s creamy polenta

Louise-Marie, or la Louise as my grand-father called her, was a great cook. She was a Savoyarde, from the region across the Alps from Italy and  she was bilingual, French and Patois, the  Alpine dialect spoken on both sides of … Continue reading

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Chanterelles with butter and parsley

The end of August is that time when the first chanterelles spring out of the moss  on the slopes of old forests. This year is not a good one yet, as we have not had much rain. But my tenacity … Continue reading

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Pommes Mousseline (aka mashed potatoes)

At a restaurant, people eat “pommes mousseline”, but at home they eat “purée” and here it is mashed potatoes. Of course, one can have great mashed if they add enough cream. But, at home, I prefer this much healthier recipe … Continue reading

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Gratin de Poireaux

This is a nice filling  dish and my vegetarian guest tonight seem to love it, I had no left-overs. Pick your leeks well, only young leeks that do not have a woody core in the centre. The centre should be … Continue reading

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Les Frites

When my brother  finished his degree at the Lausanne Hotel school, he had to report for compulsory military service in France for one year. Like all new recruits, he had to do “les classes” or new recruit break-in for three … Continue reading

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Green Bean salad

This is a nice side to lamb chops or a lamb roast and brings color to the plate. It also goes well with Gratin Dauphinois.  Fresh green beans are best. Remove the ends. Boil a  lot of   very salted … Continue reading

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Gratin Dauphinois, the original

This  is a very easy dish to serve when you  have guests as it requires no work at the last minute. It also goes well as a side to most meats. Of course, it is a kind of scalloped potatoes … Continue reading

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Potato Salad

Some really nice Yukon Gold potatoes or new potatoes are available right now, they are best for potato salad. Use potatoes of the same size,  peel them or not, rinse in ice-cold water then, cook them whole on medium heat … Continue reading

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