Katherine Jones’ King Apple Chutney

This recipe was written down by Katherine Jones  of Victoria at my request after I served her Chutney at a dinner and all the guests wanted to know about the ingredients, not believing me that it was apple chutney. She was kind enough to take the time and she also added that this recipe calls specifically for King apples and that if you need a substitute, it should be mangoes and not other apple varieties. Mrs Jones , of course, has no trouble acquiring King apples as she grows the trees on her property.


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2 Responses to Katherine Jones’ King Apple Chutney

  1. Linda Saunders says:

    King apples are very special. My grandparents used to have a King apple tree in their back yard. I’m sure a bit of one would take me right back to my childhood. My adult palate would love this chutney!

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