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Bison Bourguignon

This does not sound right, no bisons in the Bourgogne, that’s for sure! This  bison meat stew though was better than any genuine boeuf bourguignon. I know you are already thinking Julia Child and all the trouble involved with cooking … Continue reading

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Six root vegetable gratin

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up soon and although mashed potatoes are always high on the request list, the root vegetable gratin would be a seasonal dish that would go very well along with a turkey. It requires no work when … Continue reading

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Vinaigrette dressing

This is a tricky recipe because it changes depending on what  the vinaigrette is used with. So I will start with the basic ingredients and go from there. Quantities are more or less for one salad bowl. salt and fresh … Continue reading

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Roasted Zucchini with cheese

Sharon gave me this odd colour zucchini from her  Oak Bay garden explaining that this European seed produced a much tastier vegetable than the local produce, and it did! This one was hand-picked and harvested by Richard on  September 15th. Growing … Continue reading

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10 kg of White Chanterelles

Recipes including Chanterelles: Chanterelle omelet Chanterelle tart Chanterelle quiche . . Chanterelles in butter and parsley What do we do with 10 kg of white chanterelles? First, I air-dry them  spread on trays for a day especially if they were … Continue reading

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Chanterelle mini-tart appetizer

That was a lot of chanterelles we picked and  they have been on my menu every day. Last night was a more unusual appetizer, kind of a tapenade of chanterelles in a small tart shell. This a good use for … Continue reading

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Easy moist pound cake with yogurt

This is one that you can just whip up in no time, and that is a good thing because it will disappear just as fast. We used to make them all the time when I was a kid and really … Continue reading

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Chanterelle Omelette

It was quite foggy and it rained a lot yesterday, but it was not a bad day to go mushroom picking on Vancouver Island. My friend Sharon and I covered miles and miles trying to identify new picking grounds without … Continue reading

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Peaches in light syrup

The peaches are best right now at the end of summer and it is tempting to buy a whole case. Of course, that is too much to eat right away for most people. Cooking them in syrup is a nice … Continue reading

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Ratatouille quiche

With all the fall vegetables so plentiful at the farmers market, I made a huge amount of Ratatouille and of course, I had extra I saved for a quiche and a nice lunch. Click on ratatouille for the link to … Continue reading

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Cake au beurre (Fruit Cake)

This is the French version of Fruit cake, they just call it cake and often serve it for the afternoon snack with tea or even at breakfast, how decadent! 1 cup butter 3/4 cup light brown sugar 4 eggs 2+ … Continue reading

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Chanterelle Quiche

I have been picking again last week-end and found a few chanterelles. It was too dry up until now and they were  small and scarce, the good thing being that the flavor is very intense. I decided to make a … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Soup in less than 10 minutes

This is a light soup, no cream! Local cauliflower is at every vegetable stand right now, it is a good time to enjoy it really fresh. This recipe is one of the most simple soups to make and is a … Continue reading

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Chti dinner, from the North (of France)

I visited my sister in France this summer on her farm in the country. The 200 +year old farmhouse attracts family and friends and there was not a day with less than 15 for dinner. In most household this would … Continue reading

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Chanterelles with butter and parsley

The end of August is that time when the first chanterelles spring out of the moss  on the slopes of old forests. This year is not a good one yet, as we have not had much rain. But my tenacity … Continue reading

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