Voodoo doughnuts earns Guinness record for biggest box

Good things come in pink boxes and the larger the box the better. The largest box of doughnut ever just earned Voodoo the Guinness record last Saturday. Of course, the box was pink! I happened to be there a few days before the record attempt and there was a long line  of people wanting  their own little pink box around the block. Like everyone else, I was told that the magic was in the hole and I had to see it for myself.

Notice the Voodoo doll doughnuts and the incredible variety. The neat fact is that they are open 24/7 and that they have a doughnut answer for any craving including  grape and bacon! The names are very creative, the colors amazing and they do taste all right. The prices are even reasonable. The owners really  have invented the magic potion, sorry I meant  magic rings.

The shop is in Portland Oregon and well worth a visit if you are in town. The decor is very “Voodoo” and  the doughnuts are incredible or at least touched by Voodoo stuff.

The irony of it all is that across the street from Voodoo there is a weird inscription on a brick wall…..

And they do keep it weird, so they do!

All photos  (except  first, last, and 2 small ones)  courtesy of Veronica Best.


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1 Response to Voodoo doughnuts earns Guinness record for biggest box

  1. vvvvvv says:

    I want to move to Portland!

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