Steelhead trout

Winter is not the best time for fresh fish selection and this week the only choice was Steelhead trout. That was the reason I bought it, that it was fresh. I had not expected it to be so good. In fact, it was  so surprisingly tasty, moist and easy  to do that I bought it again the next day. I prepared it the same way both times, with the snow storms the BBQ is not an option.

It was filetted with the skin on, I had a frying pan with 2 tbsps olive oil on the highest setting, added the fish, skin side down first, browned them well so the skin would be crispy, turn them over, turned the heat down to medium for another 2 minutes, added the juice of half a lemon and served with Jerusalem artichokes and eggplant. All very subtle flavors not overwhelming the trout.

The fish  should be at room temperature at the time of cooking. It is cooked very quickly and the flakes should still be a bit translucent when you serve. Hot plates are highly recommended. If the filet was scaled properly, the skin is delicious to eat.


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  1. jerome says:

    that looks soooo delicous

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