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Cream or not Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

Saturday, I picked wild white chanterelles in the pouring rain and tonight the forecast is warning against frost. The Indian Fall is not that hot this year and I am making mushroom soup to warm up. The best way to … Continue reading

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Stuff the pork loin to take on a picnic!

I don’t know what got into me when I offered to give a pound of chanterelles to all the friends who would help me with a pledge for The Run For The Cure, coming up October 2nd. But It is … Continue reading

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10 kg of White Chanterelles

Recipes including Chanterelles: Chanterelle omelet Chanterelle tart Chanterelle quiche . . Chanterelles in butter and parsley What do we do with 10 kg of white chanterelles? First, I air-dry them  spread on trays for a day especially if they were … Continue reading

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Chanterelle mini-tart appetizer

That was a lot of chanterelles we picked and  they have been on my menu every day. Last night was a more unusual appetizer, kind of a tapenade of chanterelles in a small tart shell. This a good use for … Continue reading

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Chanterelle Omelette

It was quite foggy and it rained a lot yesterday, but it was not a bad day to go mushroom picking on Vancouver Island. My friend Sharon and I covered miles and miles trying to identify new picking grounds without … Continue reading

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Chanterelle Quiche

I have been picking again last week-end and found a few chanterelles. It was too dry up until now and they were  small and scarce, the good thing being that the flavor is very intense. I decided to make a … Continue reading

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Chanterelles with butter and parsley

The end of August is that time when the first chanterelles spring out of the moss  on the slopes of old forests. This year is not a good one yet, as we have not had much rain. But my tenacity … Continue reading

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