Bison Bourguignon

This does not sound right, no bisons in the Bourgogne, that’s for sure! This  bison meat stew though was better than any genuine boeuf bourguignon. I know you are already thinking Julia Child and all the trouble involved with cooking the famous recipe, so ” pas de souci” as we say in French for no worries, the bison bourguignon  à la frog is SO easy. Because the bison meat is lean, there is no need to remove the fat, but I am not going to go into details, just remember the bison stew is tastier,  healthier to eat, and  much easier and faster to prepare, and it is so tender.

Bison with Cherry tomatoes from Carling's garden

You need about a pound of bison meat, such as stew meat or top sirloin or round, that you cut in large chunks about the size of two mouthful and marinate in the fridge in a Ziplock bag overnight with a  large cup of red wine, thyme, a clove garlic crushed, a tbsp bbq sauce, a tsp of Worcestershire sauce. Suck the air out before closing the bag, spread out the marinade. Turn the bag over at 3am sharp! (just kidding, but yes try to do that a couple times).

After browning the meat

Now,  save the marinade in the bag for later, brown the meat in olive oil in a Le Creuset pot or something like it for about 5 minutes. Add 2 cloves garlic, a sliced onion, a tbsp balsamic, the marinade,  a tbsp Dijon mustard, a cup of water,  2 tbsp tomato paste or fresh tomatoes, salt and fresh ground pepper. Cover and keep in the oven for 75 minutes at 325. Take out, check if you need to add more water, add 10 cherry tomatoes and either parsley or cilantro. Cook another 15 minutes. Serve on hot plates with broad egg noodles or potatoes and your choice of vegetable.


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7 Responses to Bison Bourguignon

  1. kellyinvancouver says:

    I’ve ordered the bison and planned a menu around this dish. For a formal dinner. For 12. I’m a little nervous…but it sounds fool proof.

    • Good luck Kelly, this should be no problem, but you might want to make it the day before so it will have even more flavour and it will allow you to relax once it is done. Cook it slow, cool, and refrigerate overnight. Then re-heat on stove top.

      • kellyinvancouver says:

        That’s exactly my plan 🙂 I’m picking up the bison tomorrow then making it Thursday for Friday night. I thought I’d serve with roasted Brussels sprouts, and mashed potato. The first course antipasto; the second Caesar salad in a Parmesan bowl. And for dessert apple pie with cinnamon spiced whipped cream.
        Think I’ll be busy?
        But I chose those sides because they are pretty quick and the bison and the pie can be made early on the day of the dinner.
        Thoughts? Suggestions?

      • Good plan, I wish I was invited!

      • kellyinvancouver says:

        Amazing! This bourguignon is the best I have ever tasted! The guests raved about it! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe…

  2. Vero says:

    i want this….. i want this so badly! looks too good!!
    but getting up at 3am sounds a little too drastic.

  3. Tes says:

    The meat looks so perfect… it sounds really delicious. So perfect for family dinner.
    Thanks for sharing!

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