Morel cream sauce on Roast Chicken

In Ontario, we used to go Morel picking in the Ganaraska Forest and come back with baskets full of the delicious spring fungi. My luck has not been good here in BC, I have not found my own spots  and no one has offered to show me yet. Mushroom pickers are funny that way. They don’t share. Well if you know where to go, I could tell you where to find chanterelles and Pine mushrooms.

Back to morels, I have been seeing them at Peppers and at the Root Cellar  for $20 a pound for a while, thought I would be forever humiliated to pay for something I never had to pay for, but finally gave in and bought just enough for a cream sauce for two. Turns out they are very light, so it only came to $3.

First job was to brush them thoroughly to remove all the sand, and make sure that there was nothing in the hollow center. The chicken is roasted*. Take it out of the pan, draining all the juices from inside the chicken in the pan. Add 1/4 cup hot water or broth, pour the deglazed juices in a cup. Carve the chicken and put it back in the roasting pan, then in the oven, now turned off.

In a thick bottom pot, sauté the morels in a tbsp olive oil about 3 minutes, add the juices from the cup and 1/2 cup 30% cream, keep stirring on low heat about 7 minutes to thicken the sauce. Last, set the chicken and vegetables on hot plates and cover the chicken with the morels and the sauce. In my family, you need to divide the morels and the sauce equally so better count them…



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2 Responses to Morel cream sauce on Roast Chicken

  1. Your morel cream sauce sounds perfect with the roast chicken. I am hosting a giveaway for 2 pounds of fresh morel mushrooms if you want to enter. Have a great day.

  2. Veronica says:

    for those of you who don’t know, this is likely the best recipe on this blog.

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